Media support for Becky Watts’ family

In a desperate two-week search for the schoolgirl millions of worried well-wishers filled social media with Becky’s missing poster, while the local community rallied to comb the streets for clues.

Hopes were cruelly dashed when her father and stepmother Darren and Anjie Galsworthy received the heartbreaking news that her body had been found.

But there was a further blow to follow – Anjie’s son, Nathan Matthews, was arrested for Becky’s murder. His girlfriend Shauna Hoare was also accused.

With a high-profile court case looming, the family struggled to come to terms with their tragic loss.

The Galsworthys faced a barrage of reporters and photographers on their doorstep, day in and day out. That’s when they got in touch with Medavia, for expert guidance with coping under the press spotlight.

From that moment, Medavia diverted the media pressure allowing Darren and Anjie the space to refocus.

We carefully planned a comprehensive strategy of controlled media interviews, arranged for after the court case, followed by an autobiographical book deal with leading publishers HarperCollins.

Darren’s heartfelt tribute to his daughter, simply titled Becky, will be published as a hardback on March 10.

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